Month: October 2010

The Pros and Cons of the Dog Sterilization Pill

Is it possible that the solution to the overpopulation of companion animals could be found in a simple, low cost pill? 600 Million Stray Dogs Need Your Help believes it is not only possible, but very close to becoming a reality. An estimated 4 million animals are killed every year

People Want to Know

I believe education and awareness is crucial to correcting this broken system. The media and other publicity is how we make people aware.  I believe that when people know the truth, they will do something about it. Getting the truth to everyone about the shelter system is so hard because

Training Fosters To Rehab

In the last post we emphasized the importance of communal housing. Now it’s time to emphasize the importance of training fosters to deal with behavior issues. Shelters today are not set up to handle animals with behavior problems. In fact, as I’ve stated previously, prison-like shelters create many of these

One Last Word On Animal Prisons

I just had to take this last opportunity to really highlight how much we need to move away from caged sheltering. Today Nathan Winograd, No Kill Advocacy Center, published an article listing 10 steps to improving a shelter’s adoption efforts.  It is called Animal Sheltering 101: Turbocharging Your Adoption Program.

Communal Showrooms

Before diving into the operational details of this new model, let’s take a moment to really emphasize an important point: this new model uses communal living quarters instead of individual cages. Gone is the prison-like environment. No cages, no kennel craziness, no more solitary confinement. Just showrooms filled with calm