Month: November 2010

A Legacy of the Heart

In this life, each spirit is born with a purposeWhether human or dog, the heart leads…and yours would lead you to extraordinary circumstancesYour spirit was re-born in the most hostile of timesTimes that could not possibly be comprehended by yourselfCalled “just a dog” by lesser humans, and “a hero” by

Shelters – Charity or Business?

Introduction Shelters receive an exemption from taxes because they are charities.  So why do ALL shelters act as businesses?  Can you imagine asking a family to pay for their groceries at a food shelf?  Or passing the hat down the line at a soup kitchen?  What if we made homeless


Let’s quickly review what we’ve covered so far: Communal Housing Shelter animals need to be housed “socially” while they await adoption. To do otherwise is to fight nature. Imprisoning cats and dogs in individual cages creates behaviors which add to any existing behavior problems. This makes it even harder for