Month: December 2010

Lunch in New York City

Well, they are almost here… Despite the failing economy, the foreclosures, the unemployment, the holidays have come….again.  Things are different from past Christmases. People are scaling down in their gift buying, their dinners, their parties, and, regretfully, their very families.  Though it seems to go unnoticed by most of America,

Target – Will Her Death Spark Shelter Reform?

Target, a stray shepherd mix roaming the streets of war-ravaged Afghanistan, survived a gunshot to the leg, being run over, and a blast detonated by a suicide bomber. The bomb was intended to kill American soldiers, but Target and a couple of canine companions struggled with the bomber and forced

6 Reasons Why Mandatory Spay/Neuter Legislation Will Not Work

To End the Overpopulation of Companion Animals In October, ARCNA’s Poll question of the month was:  “What is the #1 solution in your opinion to the killing of millions of homeless animals in animal control centers across the US?”  As you can see, Mandatory Low/No Cost Spay/Neuter Laws was by