Month: July 2011

An Innovative Idea Whose Time is WAY Overdue!

Humans have completely screwed things up.  And because we’ve completely screwed things up, over 5 MILLION ANIMALS PER YEAR die in animal control facilities every year. It just has to stop. We cannot kill our way out of this crisis so we have to find a better  solution or solutions

Animal Advocates Come Down on Both Sides of Issue

Animal shelter euthanasia footage raises hackles Shelter director gives media permission to film the killing of a dog (pictured here just before she was put down) to make space for more.  One advocate group screams foul and claims director staged a “stunt”.  On the other hand, other advocates say this

Pinal Animal Shelter (Same Shelter that Killed Target) in the News Again!

You remember Target. Target was the Afghanistan War Hero Canine who was tragically and “accidentally” killed by this shelter back in November of 2010.  See Our Story Here and See Our Tribute Here. Ruth Stalter, the director of the Pinal County Shelter at the time, resigned after the great loss

Councilwoman finds city dollars to help animal shelter

Washington DC Not only did she find funding, but she found $200,000 in funding!!  Amazing.  We are in desperate need of more politicians like this. Remember this the next time you get an opportunity to vote. D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh has found $200,000 in city funding to ensure an animal