Month: January 2012

Governor Brown’s Bid to Repeal Hayden’s Law in California

Update: This growing issue is receiving a lot of publicity as it absolutely should.  California voters need to be as informed about this repeal attempt as we are so they understand the importance of convincing the governor to back off this lethal but “cost saving” effort.  If you live in

One Step Forward…3 Steps Backward

That’s what you’d have to call Governor Jerry Brown’s intention to repeal the law in California known as Hayden’s Law.  Passed in 1999, Hayden’s Law requires local shelters to wait at least four to six days before euthanizing a dog or cat, and requires operating hours that allow working people

Niagara County Animal Shelter Comes Under Fire

Niagara SPCA is hellhole – By Donn Esmonde “The SPCA of Niagara is the Abu Ghraib of animal shelters.” The investigative report from Barbara Carr, head of the well-regarded SPCA Serving Erie County, ripped the Niagara shelter as understaffed, poorly run and “chaotic,” with “abysmally low” adoption numbers. “There is