Month: February 2012

KUDOS: Local Vet Works With Local Rescue Helping to Save More Animals

This is the way it should be in every city, town and municipality across the country.  Instead of veterinary offices looking to make as much money as possible from their patients as well as the local rescues bringing in abused and abandoned animals, all veterinarians by the very nature that

No Kill Shelter in West Virginia Needs YOUR Help!

Little Victories Animal Rescue is in need of volunteers and donations to help them support the large number of animals living at their shelter. Supplies dwindle because of greater needs, especially during the winter season. Little Victories currently has more than 200 cats and dogs on their land. Food is

CEO of Washington Animal Rescue League Discusses the Pit Bull “Dilemma”

Speaking Up for the Underdog by Gary Weitzman, DVM Gary Weitzman ponders how to best save our pit bulls despite the mountains of bad rap they have accumulated through no fault of their own.  The veterinarian tries to examine the issue from every side to arrive at an answer.  In

Carroll County Animal Shelter Proud of 2011 Adoption Rates

Using innovation and imagination, the Carroll County Animal Shelter is working hard at increasing adoption rates. Working along side of the Carroll County Humane Society and Toys for Tots, the animal shelter offered adoption specials in December for anyone who brought a new toy to donate.   It’s not perfect and