A gift to man’s best friend

LANCASTER, TX – Local firefighters are not only responding to the needs of mankind within Lancaster city limits; but also to those of man’s best friend and other furry little critters.
In the coming days the Lancaster fire department will be donating beds to the city’s animal shelter giving those animals a comfortable place to rest their heads. The idea of making these beds is the brain child of Rusty Lemley, Lancaster’s 2012 volunteer of the year.
While reading Focus Daily News Lemley saw a story about the animal shelter being in need of support in any way possible. Immediately after reading she made a phone call to the animal shelter and asked if she could support them with the donation. After receiving the animal shelter’s approval Lemley immediately called Lancaster Fire Chief Thomas Griffin, for assistance in making these beds for the animal shelter.
“It was one of those things we were doing to take our [Lancaster Municipal Shelter] shelter to the next level,” explained City Manager Opal Mauldin-Robertson. “Rusty is very active in our community and an avid animal lover.”
Robertson had no doubt that when Lemley had a goal in mind she would work tirelessly to bring it to fruition.
“I do a lot of volunteer work in the City of Lancaster, and after reading an article in the newspaper I saw that the animals shelter was in need. After thinking for some time I thought that we could make beds for the animals,” Lemley said. “With their approval I then called Fire Chief Griffin and told him that it would be difficult constructing these beds. After hearing my plans Fire Chief Griffin never hesitated to help me in any form of assistance that I needed.”
These unique beds are not the normal pet-friendly beds they are constructed out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe and upholstery used to fix boats. The pipes and material were donated to Lemley from her connections from people from the regional Home Depot and Browns Upholstery.
Lemley spent her own money in acquiring the corners and joints for the PVC pipe. The pipe was later given to the fire department to cut in various pieces. More – BRANDON WALKER/Focus Daily News

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