The Mission:

ARCNA’s primary goal is to advocate on behalf of a huge community of like minded shelter animal rescuers whose greatest desire is to see an end to the killing of homeless pets in shelters across the North American continent.

In order to achieve this goal, ARCNA advocates and supports the following initiatives: (Note: this is not an exhaustive list nor written in stone. Subject to change when new information is made available)

  • Low Cost/No Cost Spay/Neuter clinics available to every pet owner.
  • Strongly worded legislation making puppy mills and backyard breeders illegal with substantial prison terms and fines for offenders.
  • A moratorium on any dog or cat breeding for 10 years or until the overpopulation crisis has ended.
  • 100% NO KILL shelters across the US and Canada.
  • Abolishing gas chambers and heart sticks as means of killing homeless animals. While shelters continue to kill homeless animals, we demand that the killing be painless & humane.
  • Abolishing Breed Specific Legislation. Blame the deed, not the breed.
  • Stronger laws, substantial prison terms and fines for offenders committing acts of animal cruelty including dog fighting, chaining, animal neglect and abuse.
  • Support for Trap/Neuter/Release programs for all feral cat communities.
  • Establishing additional programs for pet owners in financial crisis. Assistance with food, vet bills and other supplies offered to discourage surrendering of the pet to the local shelters.
  • Shelter reform which would include but not be restricted to the implementation of the No Kill equation policies. At minimum standards, medical treatment by a licensed veterinarian would be made available to all injured or sick animals, increased requirements of shelter workers in animal behavior training & experience, increased support for adoption events, longer hours for public visits, and increased cooperation with local rescues, foster homes and volunteers.
  • Shelter revolution (adoption centers) provides the maximum standards for homeless animals giving them all a greater chance of finding forever homes and escaping the current fate of millions of other homeless animals. The animal rescuing community strongly supports adoption centers to replace the current animal control model.

It is every shelter animal rescuer’s dream that someday soon, there will no longer be any need for shelter animal rescuers.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here at ARCNA are the individual views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views & opinions of every animal rescuer. Discussion is welcomed and encouraged. 

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