Are Rescues Too Restrictive towards Potential Adopters?

Sweets, rescue dogSo okay I KNOW there are some over-the-top rescuers and you know who they are too.  They must be the ones mentioned here in this article which is, I think, very wisely written. But you must read the ENTIRE article ALL the way through before you react to the “dare I say constructive?” criticism aimed at animal rescuers. This is about finding ways to convince people to stop visiting pet shops and breeders for their family pet. If they’re afraid to go through rescues AND shelters, where else are they going to get their pets from?

Read Joanne Brokaw’s article here 

Feel free to offer your opinion or relate your experience.  Rescuers need to hear feedback even if they don’t like what they hear.  Remember, it’s about getting these animals adopted into good solid forever homes. It is not about damaged egos or hurt feelings. 

Related:  This article is getting lots of comments both here and on the author’s facebook page.  In my opinion, the author appears bitter and petty and is basing her assertions on one bad experience she may have had.  But you be the judge and read the article.)

No Pet For You: Want to adopt a dog or cat? Prepare for an inquisition at the animal rescue.

One thought on “Are Rescues Too Restrictive towards Potential Adopters?

  1. I have to say that being involved in rescue and knowing how difficult it can be to find new homes for dogs, given the huge numbers of stray and unwanted dogs, I think the conditions some rescue shelters put on prospective new owners is horrendous. I agree there should be a home check, some form of contract so that if things don’t work out the new owner should inform the rescue/shelter and a new plan can be agreed upon (not that the animal has to be immediately sent back), some follow up and in some cases it is not appropriate to home to a place with kids, an apartment etc. But there are many cases you see being banded about on facebook where groups and so called rescues are blacklisting people from adopting because they maybe could not cope with the dog for one reason or another and so found it a new loving home, where someone took on a dog and it became very ill and had to be put down and the rescue demands autopsies etc….where rescues see the dog as always theirs even if adopted by someone. And don’t get me started on ones that say you MUST feed it this, it must have this particular type of bed etc….There needs to be some checks but conditions should not be so stringent as to put people off.
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