BSL News: New Study Shows Again that BSL Doesn’t Work

The National Canine Research Council has published a report that once again disputes the effectiveness of Breed Specific Legislation in reducing the number of the dog bite incidents.  The study, done in Spain and conducted by The Journal of Veterinary Behavior, states unequivocally that larger breed dogs have no more incidents of aggressive behavior then any other dog.  In fact, larger breed dogs are least likely to behave fearfully and also the least likely to show aggressive behavior towards humans such as barking, lunging or snapping etc.  Read Full Story Here.

It’s what those of us who advocate against BSL and in support of large breed dogs already know.  You are more likely to get bit by a frightened poodle or chihuahua then you are by a calm and balanced pit bull or doberman. 


Kuma-bsl-does-not-workIn Jasper, Alabama, the city’s Mayor Posey and councillors are still debating a vicious dog ordinance that would include a ban on pit bulls.  I sent an email this morning to Mayor Posey which included a link to the NCRC’s report.  You too can send an email, make a phone call or send regular mail to the Mayor by clicking here. Contact information is detailed and complete. Keep it brief and polite.  But let the mayor know that his hesitation to pursue BSL is valid.

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