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Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is an ineffective and deadly method of trying to minimize the number of dog bite incidents. What it is effective at doing is adding more dogs to the local shelter’s death row. BSL is a death sentence for any breed unfortunate enough to be included.

CEO of Washington Animal Rescue League Discusses the Pit Bull “Dilemma”

Speaking Up for the Underdog by Gary Weitzman, DVM Gary Weitzman ponders how to best save our pit bulls despite the mountains of bad rap they have accumulated through no fault of their own.  The veterinarian tries to examine the issue from every side to arrive at an answer.  In

Sammy My First Pit Bull Love RIP June 2010

Pit Bull Appreciation: A First Class Video

The American Pit Bull Terrier including all mixed or near breeds absolutely needs all the advocates that it (the breed) can get.  This battle is clearly a matter of life or death for the dog and appears to be straight uphill for the pit bull advocate/owner/friend.  A video is circulating

Breed Interrupted: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Pit Bull

Not since the onslaught of AIDS has so much biased been media-fed in the wrong direction as with the pit bull breeds. The misleading of reputation, and the paranoid methods used to correct this “issue” has reached epic proportions. Politicians, in their endless quest to stroke their voters and their

BSL News: New Study Shows Again that BSL Doesn’t Work

The National Canine Research Council has published a report that once again disputes the effectiveness of Breed Specific Legislation in reducing the number of the dog bite incidents.  The study, done in Spain and conducted by The Journal of Veterinary Behavior, states unequivocally that larger breed dogs have no more

Elvis and a Pit Bull

In recent days I have exchanged emails with two different people whom I respect. One conversation was about Elvis Presley, the other about Pit Bulls, yet they both shared common themes: prejudice, misconception and the role the media and community have in perpetuating myths. Elvis Presley was a heartthrob when