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Dog Blogger Calls for Less Judgement in the Animal Welfare Community

“5 Things I Learned From Working for an Animal Shelter by Bernard Lima-Chavez” is a well-written article that addresses something that is a canker-sore on the face of the animal welfare community, especially the online community. I spent several years participating in the online rescue community working day and night sometimes

Black Dog (Cat) Syndrome

People have some funny ideas sometimes but this one has to beat all in my books.  Despite knowing that Black Dog (Cat) Syndrome does exist, it is still very hard to believe that silly superstitions or simply discrimination could mean the life and death of thousands of black dogs and

Memphis Animal Shelter Worker Abuses Puppy with Catch Pole

You would think that the most important criteria for one applying for work at your local animal shelter would be “must like animals” followed by “must know how to properly handle animals”.  But apparently neither of these factors is considered all that important when hiring shelter workers to work, largely

One Step Forward…3 Steps Backward

That’s what you’d have to call Governor Jerry Brown’s intention to repeal the law in California known as Hayden’s Law.  Passed in 1999, Hayden’s Law requires local shelters to wait at least four to six days before euthanizing a dog or cat, and requires operating hours that allow working people

Sammy My First Pit Bull Love RIP June 2010

Pit Bull Appreciation: A First Class Video

The American Pit Bull Terrier including all mixed or near breeds absolutely needs all the advocates that it (the breed) can get.  This battle is clearly a matter of life or death for the dog and appears to be straight uphill for the pit bull advocate/owner/friend.  A video is circulating

BSL News: New Study Shows Again that BSL Doesn’t Work

The National Canine Research Council has published a report that once again disputes the effectiveness of Breed Specific Legislation in reducing the number of the dog bite incidents.  The study, done in Spain and conducted by The Journal of Veterinary Behavior, states unequivocally that larger breed dogs have no more

An Innovative Idea Whose Time is WAY Overdue!

Humans have completely screwed things up.  And because we’ve completely screwed things up, over 5 MILLION ANIMALS PER YEAR die in animal control facilities every year. It just has to stop. We cannot kill our way out of this crisis so we have to find a better  solution or solutions

Animal Advocates Come Down on Both Sides of Issue

Animal shelter euthanasia footage raises hackles Shelter director gives media permission to film the killing of a dog (pictured here just before she was put down) to make space for more.  One advocate group screams foul and claims director staged a “stunt”.  On the other hand, other advocates say this