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Breed Interrupted: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Pit Bull

Not since the onslaught of AIDS has so much biased been media-fed in the wrong direction as with the pit bull breeds. The misleading of reputation, and the paranoid methods used to correct this “issue” has reached epic proportions. Politicians, in their endless quest to stroke their voters and their

Lunch in New York City

Well, they are almost here… Despite the failing economy, the foreclosures, the unemployment, the holidays have come….again.  Things are different from past Christmases. People are scaling down in their gift buying, their dinners, their parties, and, regretfully, their very families.  Though it seems to go unnoticed by most of America,

A Legacy of the Heart

In this life, each spirit is born with a purposeWhether human or dog, the heart leads…and yours would lead you to extraordinary circumstancesYour spirit was re-born in the most hostile of timesTimes that could not possibly be comprehended by yourselfCalled “just a dog” by lesser humans, and “a hero” by