Despite Due Diligence, Rescues Can Still Fail

Rescue dog saved from being put down is punched to death by its new owner just FOUR days after adoption

rescuefail_Brian Perry

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL – A rescue dog saved from being put down was punched to death by its new owners just four days after being given a new chance at life.

Gipper, a four year old Rottweiler from south Florida, died after being repeatedly punched in the face by its 47-year-old new owner, Brian Perry. The dog had run over to a neighbour’s home in New Port Richey, near Tampa, and started barking at other dogs.

Police in New Port Richey said 47-year-old Brian Perry beat the dog with his fists. He later buried the body but has so far refused to tell police where he put it. Police said the rescue dog was not attacking anyone and was not a threat.

Gipper’s death has stunned the President of the animal rescue organisation that placed Gipper with the Perry family. Grace Acosta, who runs the Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue said the Perrys had passed all the necessary background checks. ‘These people that adopted this dog from us went through the whole thing. We had excellent vet reports, we had someone visit their home, checking the home. It was approved. And they came with their own dog to meet with us,’ Acosta said.  More: Paul Thompson/Daily Mail


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