Hoarder or Overwhelmed Caregiver?

Petition circulates to shut down Animal Rescue Network

From: globalnews.ca/Felicia Parillo

animal rescue network - montreal
Images from Animal Rescue Network warehouse by Lisa Howard

MONTREAL – Barbara Lisbona is the President of Animal Rescue Network. She’s been rescuing cats since 1995 and she houses over 200 felines in her main shelter.

“A cat that’s on the street is so anxious, insecure and terrified,” said Lisbona.

“When they come in here, you see the before and the after. They are relaxed and they’re happy.”

The non-profit organization doesn’t receive government funding. It runs solely on public donations.

“We function on funds only from people’s hearts, from the public,” she said.

“It helps us a great deal, but it doesn’t give or afford us the luxury of prettying up the place as we’d like.”

Recently, Lisbona has been accused of warehousing cats in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions.

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Petition to shut down Animal Rescue Network found here.

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