Just One Day – No Kill Shelter Day is June 11

justoneday2013__2_t607PALM CITY, FL — In 2012, 800 organizations joined forces around the country to end the killing in animal shelters. Shelters concentrated on adoptions and rallies were held. The result was approximately 9,000 lives saved. The Treasure Coast area animal shelters held their rally on U.S. 1 in Ft. Pierce.

The goal this year is 1,500 pledges, 15,000 lives saved. As of May 21, more than 1,000 organizations nationwide had pledged to be a no-kill shelter on June 11. The governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, declared the whole state would join in the No Kill Shelter Day.

This year the Treasure Coast Area Animal Rescue Organizations, their volunteers and supporters will host a sidewalk rally for all Treasure Coast animal lovers to honor the 11th year founding anniversary of the no-kill movement in the United States, whose mission is to save the nearly 4 million dogs and cats who die in shelters every year.

For “JUST ONE DAY,” traditional shelters are asked on June 11 not to kill but rather to empty their shelters in more humane ways including aggressively promoting adoptions, reaching out to rescue organizations, and sponsoring spay/neuter events.

The sidewalk rally will be held on the corner of Joan Jefferson Way and Federal Highway on private land at the foot of the Roosevelt Bridge. Hopefully, the rally will inspire elected officials and politicians to change laws/ordinances from the present sheltering system in which friendly/healthy adoptable companion pets are euthanized to the No-Kill Advocacy Center’s sheltering model saving upwards of 93 percent of impounded animals.

On June 4, Martin County Commissioners will take an important first step by proclaiming June 11, 2013 as an officially designated day of No Kill in Martin County. The proclamation will be accepted from the County Commissioners on June 4, 2013 by Maris Sine, President of Domino’s Cat Rescue League.

“We are very appreciative that our county commissioners enthusiastically supported this important initiative. As other Florida communities and counties have begun the process to adopt the No-Kill Animal Control Sheltering Model, we believe that Martin County should also begin to adopt the more humane approach to managing the challenges of pet overpopulation,” said Maris Sine.

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