Shelter Reaches Out to Help Save More Dogs

Secaucus shelter saves out-of-state dogs from death row

Secaucus puppies

Secaucus Animal Shelter, which is a no-kill shelter, found themselves without any dogs to adopt out.  Instead of taking the easy way out and leaving their 10 dog cages empty, they reached out to other shelters or rescues to help save some dogs who found themselves on death row. 

The three German short hair pointers are approximately 10 weeks old and were part of a litter of five puppies that were rescued by the shelter last week as part of a new outreach program. Two of the five dogs were adopted shortly after their arrival in town.

A total of 10 dogs have been rescued, 5 adults and 5 puppies. Five have been adopted out and two adults and three puppies are still available for adoption. Read more:Hudson Reporter – Puppy power Secaucus shelter saves out of state dogs from death row

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