Yankees boss Randy Levine quits ASPCA

randy_levine_wenzelberg--300x300The ASPCA has been rocked by a series of high-profile board resignations, including Yankees president Randy Levine, after internal disagreements over the direction of the historic humane society.

Directors of American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, founded in 1866, started an exodus because they believe some in the organization are “more focused on social standing than the animals.”

We’re told that board members and longtime animal-welfare advocates who quit recently include Levine, Post columnist Cindy Adams and Marsha Perelman, a former ASPCA board chairman.

Page Six reported that the ASPCA had struggled to find a new president to replace outgoing leader Ed Sayres — despite the $555,824-a-year salary for the job.

A source told us, “The board was unable to settle on a new president for months, because the business people on the board could not agree with others who appeared to be more concerned about what they’ll wear to the annual Bergh Ball,” the group’s annual gala.

On May 2, the ASPCA announced that its senior vice president Matthew Bershadker would take over as president and CEO, which appears to have coincided with some of the board members’ resignations, Perelman had resigned earlier, we’re told.  More: Page Six/New York Post

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  1. Cher, thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard about this important development.Maybe there’s hope this will lead to a change in course of this organization. They could provide much-needed industry leadership but have been content to maintain the status quo for decades. I am talking with a senior ASPCA manager this week. She is the first industry leader to respond to my many repeated requests for their attention. Last year I got so frustrated with the sloppy and virtually nonexistent leadership of the bloated national organizations that I posted this video as an appeal for their help = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgiypIO2BqQ

    Of course the first comment by this ASPCA manager was that I should stop “attacking” the group I am asking for help. That video seems very polite for being an attack video! 🙂 You’d think these big groups with their huge revenue streams would jump at a chance to one-up their fellow competitors for the almighty dollar. Not one has seen the potential for fundraising and industry notoriety behind embracing and promoting the innovative Adoption Center model as spelled out in detail at http://www.ShelterRevolution.org.

    I guess the industry just wants to maintain what is and not even examine what could be. Very sad – and very weak as leadership. Let’s hope this exodus in “leadership” from the ASPCA initiates a major change in course. Probably won’t, but there’s always hope, right?

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